I never realized how hard it is to stay focused for a long period of time. Looking back at it, I always thought I was focused while riding. I was so wrong…

That’s something Fordson taught me. He’s the kind of horse who never gives you anything for free. You gotta earn it.

As soon as your mind starts slipping away and you lose focus of what you’re planning to do next – he stops listening.

He’s favourite thing to do is to simply go to the gate that leads out of the paddock. Then you know, you failed to keep him interested.

It’s a harsh teacher but the best one I had so far in my life. No forgiving riding school horses could teach me this; To always be in the moment.

It’s much harder than it sounds. It really is.



My kittehs

So I wanna introduce my other pets, aside from Fordson.

I have three Devon Rexes. Roi, Siv and Merlin.

I had Roi and Siv since they were both 12 weeks old. Siv is about 6 months younger than Roi. They’re 7 years old now. It started with just Roi but he got so attached to me that he would sit and meow at the door for hours each time I left home. So, we decided to get another cat to keep him company. That cat was Siv. Siv is so different from Roi. She keeps to herself a lot and is a bit sceptical of people in general. She likes cuddles but only from a few paw-picked people. Everything is on her terms.

Roi is much more outgoing. He follows everyone around and wants to see what’s going on. He loves going out for walks on a leash and is just a really active cat in general. He’s still super attached to me, though, and often sits in front of the window and awaits my return, while I’m away.

About a year and a half ago, we got Merlin. He’s actually Siv’s Dad and my old classmate had him. Sadly she couldn’t keep him. So, I adopted him. Siv still doesn’t quite like him but, now-a-days, he can sleep next to her every now and then without her hissing. It’s progress.

Merlin is the most cuddly and loving cat you could think of. He could cuddle 24/7 if you let him. He tries to cuddle the other cats a lot, too, but the most success he gets is with Jordan and I. He’s also the cat that will cuddle-rape every guest that comes into our apartment. He just loves everyone!

I’ll probably mention and talk about these three amazing cats in my posts in the future. So, I wanted to make a proper introduction.


Roi (S*Darklin Reach Lord Triforce)


Siv (S*Darklin Reach Lady Sphinx)


Merlin (S*Curlicue’s Xmas Wonder)

Photos by Amanda Olsson

Bad consciense

I have not seen Fordson since friday. It really wears on me when several days pass and I don’t go to the stables.

I’m so lucky to have two friends that help me with him on the days that I can’t! They take such great care of him so; I’m sure he doesn’t have time to miss me at all. Still, though, I feel bad.

The reason? Work. I work really intense for a few days, then I’m off for a few. That’s how my schedule is. So, since friday I worked 28 hours, got off 20 hours (which I spent grocery shopping, cooking, eating, showering, visiting my parents and finally sleeping) just to go on another 28h-shift. Needless to say, I was pretty tired last night. I slept 11h, wow! So now I’m well rested and I’m off work until friday afternoon. These following days will mainly be spent at the stables and at home playing games with Jordan. I look forward to it!

In general I love working like this. It gives me 3-4 days off every week that I can spend at the stables during the daylight hours even when it’s winter. (Here in North Sweden we barely have any daylight in November to February, so.. Yeah.)

It’s just hard when there are so many days in a row where I can’t recharge my batteries.


I know I’m biased but, isn’t he pretty?

Words to live by

Life is an echo.
What you send out, comes back.
What you sow, you reap.
What you give, you get.
What you see in others, exists in you.
Remember, life is an echo.
It always gets back to you.
So give goodness.

-Zig Ziglar

So, gaming?


Like you might have been able to figure out already, I’m a gamer. I would not call me a hardcore gamer, more a casual one. But even so, I do enjoy playing a lot and it’s a great way to spend time together with my boyfriend and other friends.

When I got hooked into the gamingworld was probably around 2005 when I started playing a MMO called Ragnarok Online. I played that game SO much, on several servers through the years. I used to go by the IGN Mois, and I actually got pretty well known within the RO-community. Great times! It’s through RO that I taught myself english since I wanted to be able to communicate with everyone. I met a lot of amazing people in that game and I visited a few of them around europe after I turned 18.
Also, it was when me and Jordan were playing together on a private server called UV-RO that we realized we liked eachother. Since then we’ve been together, that was in the summer of 2011. (He’s been living here permanently for almost 3 years now, yay!)

Anyway, so before I bought a horse I obviously had more time for playing. Now my time and attention are split between the best things in my life – horses and gaming.

Just a few days ago I bought my own Xbox one. We had one since before, but I’d be sad that I couldn’t play a lot of games together with Jordan on splitscreen, like Destiny. So, we decided that I should get my own one! So, after I got paid we went out and bought me my very own console. Since then I spent some hours here and there leveling up my Destiny guardian and at this point of time I’m level 22. (40 is max)

Yesterday, I tried the crucible for the first time. For all you non-Destiny players, that’s pvp. It was great. Jordan recorded the whole thing so I’ll probably post the video once he uploads it to his youtube, I did get some great kills!

Nervous times..

So, I have Fordson in a small stable not very far from where i live (like 6-7 minutes drive). We have 4 boxes and all horses go together in a meadow, so they can play around a lot during the days.

Anyway, since I moved there in September we have only been 3 horses, since the 4th horse had been a stallion his entire life and wasn’t used to be around other horses. He got so excited and nervous that he kind of got agressive, and ended up almost breaking the leg of Kalle, one of the other horses. So.. He had to move

This weekend, we finally got a 4th horse! It’s a pretty pinto that seems really gentle and friendly. Right now we split the meadow into 2 so he has his own part, but in a few days we’ll let them all into the same. It’ll be interesting. And scary. Mainly scary! Fordson is so dominant that it’s always a bit scary to introduce him to new horses.


IMG_4606Nom nom~