This is great

If you create a great game – a game described to be the next generation MMORPG.

To quote them:
Pack your cloak, sharpen your weapons, and grab as many bags as you can carry, because it’s time to set off on an epic adventure! The highly anticipated MMORPG Black Desert Online is out today, bringing with it the deepest character customization system yet.

See what awaits in the all-new launch trailer for Black Desert Online, featuring sweeping landscapes, ferocious monsters, and action-packed combat.

You’d think the graphic designers would look up how a bridle looks.




Black Desert Online

Yesterday I started playing a new game. It’s a new MMORPG called (like the title already gave away) Black Desert Online. I spent a few hours into the game but I barely scratched the surface of the mechanics.

I used to play Ragnarok Online and Guild Wars 2 plus a few other MMORPG for short periods of time, so the playstyle is not new to me.

BUT, this game… Holy crap, it has so many features that I never came across before! Yesterday I had such a headache trying to process all the information and understand the aspects of the game. Just gaining friendship with the NPC’s are a whole minigame by itself, so you can unlock quests and knowledge from them that’ll help you on your way.

One of things I really enjoy about the game is that there’s no fast-travel system. The best way to travel is with your horse! Since this game is so complex, there’s 3 different tiers of horses and the only one you can buy for silver at a store is the slow tier 1 kind of horse. They can level up the more you use them so they gain more speed and stamina, but they’ll never come close to the other tiers. To get a higher tier horse, you have to tame them yourself! I can’t wait to do that, sadly I’m still too low level.

Another thing that I personly love about this game is the character customization. It’s insane. Seriously. Google Black Desert Online character customization, you’ll see for yourself. People made lookalikes of celebrities that almost looks identical! I spent at least 45 minutes making my character and I could easily have spent longer if I wasn’t so eager to start playing.

I’ll probably go more into depth into different aspects of the game later on, when I have more knowledge myself. Like I said before, I barely scratched the surface so far.

Here’s me on my tier 1 horse. My character is small, it’s not just the horse being huge.

As promised..

Here’s the video Jordan recorded as we played my very first crusible. Sadly he forgot to put our voices through the TV, so you can’t hear me and our friend talk. Only Jordan.

You can slightly hear me yell from the other room through his microfone a couple times if you pay attantion, I get silly happy when I finally do something right!

So, gaming?


Like you might have been able to figure out already, I’m a gamer. I would not call me a hardcore gamer, more a casual one. But even so, I do enjoy playing a lot and it’s a great way to spend time together with my boyfriend and other friends.

When I got hooked into the gamingworld was probably around 2005 when I started playing a MMO called Ragnarok Online. I played that game SO much, on several servers through the years. I used to go by the IGN Mois, and I actually got pretty well known within the RO-community. Great times! It’s through RO that I taught myself english since I wanted to be able to communicate with everyone. I met a lot of amazing people in that game and I visited a few of them around europe after I turned 18.
Also, it was when me and Jordan were playing together on a private server called UV-RO that we realized we liked eachother. Since then we’ve been together, that was in the summer of 2011. (He’s been living here permanently for almost 3 years now, yay!)

Anyway, so before I bought a horse I obviously had more time for playing. Now my time and attention are split between the best things in my life – horses and gaming.

Just a few days ago I bought my own Xbox one. We had one since before, but I’d be sad that I couldn’t play a lot of games together with Jordan on splitscreen, like Destiny. So, we decided that I should get my own one! So, after I got paid we went out and bought me my very own console. Since then I spent some hours here and there leveling up my Destiny guardian and at this point of time I’m level 22. (40 is max)

Yesterday, I tried the crucible for the first time. For all you non-Destiny players, that’s pvp. It was great. Jordan recorded the whole thing so I’ll probably post the video once he uploads it to his youtube, I did get some great kills!