Great moments

I looked through my old pictures and came across this gem. It’s a picture taken last March by my friend Amanda Olsson. By the time, Linnea recently moved into our loose housing.


Fordson and Clooney had so much fun together, being 3 and 4 years old.

One of our favorite things to do was to let them loose inside the indoor arena, of course when nobody else was around. Then we would play around with them and watch them have a blast, running around, rolling and jumping.

Sadly the owners of the stable put a rule down that nobody was allowed to have their horse loose in there anymore, so we had to stop doing that. But it’s still some of the happiest memories I have with Fordson.

He loves following you around. When you play with him, he really blossoms!



I never realized how hard it is to stay focused for a long period of time. Looking back at it, I always thought I was focused while riding. I was so wrong…

That’s something Fordson taught me. He’s the kind of horse who never gives you anything for free. You gotta earn it.

As soon as your mind starts slipping away and you lose focus of what you’re planning to do next – he stops listening.

He’s favourite thing to do is to simply go to the gate that leads out of the paddock. Then you know, you failed to keep him interested.

It’s a harsh teacher but the best one I had so far in my life. No forgiving riding school horses could teach me this; To always be in the moment.

It’s much harder than it sounds. It really is.




You’re just never bored around this horse. He has such strong will (that can be soooo frustrating at times) and a huge personality.

When you ride him, you gotta stay focused. You gotta keep him interested. If you somehow give mixed signals or bore him, he’ll come up with his own ideas.

But when it all works, those moments when everything is just right – then it’s amazing.

I feel so privileged to be able to have a horse like him. He teaches me things every day.

Fordson & Me, Tino & Lena

Loading practice

Fordson and I have had to load a few times since I bought him. We went to clinics, changed stables, etc. It has always been a battle.

Last time, it was worse than ever. We had to move stables because he suddenly thought he was a stallion and started covering the mares, fighting the other geldings and just be really annoying in general. He seriously stood more on two hoofs than four while we were trying to load.

Since we’re going to another clinic in April, I realized we really need to practice. Luckily my friend, Lina, has a trailer and wanted to help me. So today it was loading practice #2!

The first one lasted about 15 minutes and we stopped when he had all four hoofs in the trailer. Today, we loaded him completely 4 to 5 times! He’s still not comfortable staying in it. So we just made him go in, gave him a lot of apple pieces and then made him back out.

Next time, we’ll start to ask him to stay for a moment each time.


Fordson and Lina

Bad consciense

I have not seen Fordson since friday. It really wears on me when several days pass and I don’t go to the stables.

I’m so lucky to have two friends that help me with him on the days that I can’t! They take such great care of him so; I’m sure he doesn’t have time to miss me at all. Still, though, I feel bad.

The reason? Work. I work really intense for a few days, then I’m off for a few. That’s how my schedule is. So, since friday I worked 28 hours, got off 20 hours (which I spent grocery shopping, cooking, eating, showering, visiting my parents and finally sleeping) just to go on another 28h-shift. Needless to say, I was pretty tired last night. I slept 11h, wow! So now I’m well rested and I’m off work until friday afternoon. These following days will mainly be spent at the stables and at home playing games with Jordan. I look forward to it!

In general I love working like this. It gives me 3-4 days off every week that I can spend at the stables during the daylight hours even when it’s winter. (Here in North Sweden we barely have any daylight in November to February, so.. Yeah.)

It’s just hard when there are so many days in a row where I can’t recharge my batteries.


I know I’m biased but, isn’t he pretty?

Fordson and Clooney

Fordson is a VERY social horse. He’ll come running when he sees someone walk up to the meadow just to get some cuddles.

He’s also really social with other horses. He loves standing there and wants to trade scratches for hours, with a few breaks for playing and goofing around.

One of the horses that he really enjoys being around is Clooney, Linneas Irish Cob. We used to share stables and meadow, so they spent 24/7 together for a few months last winter/spring. Sadly we’re separated right now, I’ll go into details about why that is in another post. But we plan to put them back together in the future, and I am sure they’ll be happy to see eachother!

Do you guys have any stories of horses that used to know eachother and then got reunited? It’d be fun to hear.


Arent they cute together?

Pretty much as nerdy as it gets

So, I did something really nerdy the other night. I met up with a bunch of fellow north swedish draft lovers including some of the biggest breeders here in the northen part of Sweden. We did something I could directly translate to ”studbook reserach”. We gathered all the studbooks for the breed north swedish draft back to the 60’s, and did research on our own horses. It was so much fun! I got to see pictures, discover details and of course hear personal stories from the pro’s around the table. I spent between 2 and 3 hours just mezmerized in Fordsons bloodline.

I discovered that he only has swedish horses in his pedigree since at least 6 generations back – and that is really unusual. Most North Swedish Drafts has been mixed with the norweigan Dole horse.

I also noticed that his great grandfather on his dads side is a half sibling to his great grandmother on the same side. They shared the same mother! One of the experts said that it was probably a mistake, since they were at the same barn and all. Funny enough that inbreed-mistake turned out to be a great stalion that left many amazing horses after him, so thats quite a funny story.

Other then that we shared a lot of stories, laughters and munched down a few slices of cake. A great evening in other words!


Nervous times..

So, I have Fordson in a small stable not very far from where i live (like 6-7 minutes drive). We have 4 boxes and all horses go together in a meadow, so they can play around a lot during the days.

Anyway, since I moved there in September we have only been 3 horses, since the 4th horse had been a stallion his entire life and wasn’t used to be around other horses. He got so excited and nervous that he kind of got agressive, and ended up almost breaking the leg of Kalle, one of the other horses. So.. He had to move

This weekend, we finally got a 4th horse! It’s a pretty pinto that seems really gentle and friendly. Right now we split the meadow into 2 so he has his own part, but in a few days we’ll let them all into the same. It’ll be interesting. And scary. Mainly scary! Fordson is so dominant that it’s always a bit scary to introduce him to new horses.


IMG_4606Nom nom~