Fordson is now barefoot!

Like the title reads, I took away Fordsons iron shoes. There’s SO many reasons to have a horse barefoot, I wont go into that unless someone asks me to. (It’s pretty easy to google your way to information about that aswell!)

Anyway. He’s doing great! Recently we reached the part of his hoof where the nails went in, so the walls started breaking off a little on the sides where the wholes after the nails are. He’s not hurting or anything, but I wanted to take the safe route and decided to let him wear boots while riding.

Barefoot boots.. Oh my god, what a jungle! There’s SO many different brands and the sizing seem to differ for each model. I lucked out buying a used pair of renegade boots, that actually fit his front hoovs pretty well! He seems to like them a lot.
And before winter comes, I’m gonna make sure to have 4 fitting, dubbed boots that he can wear when we ride/drive on slippery roads.

IMG_5641 Untitled

Aren’t they fancy looking?

Our new little friend!

So a lot has happend since I wrote last. One if the things being that we got a new horse! Well… A pony. He’s an overgrown shetland pony, his name is Loke.

He’s a lovely little pony, but he’s never been ridden, driven or anything like that. He’s barely tame to walk with, so… We have a lot of work ahead of us untill he’s gonna be childproof for Alice. But Alice loves him already, and so do the rest of us. He’s a sweet, gentle pony with such spirit and expression! I’m looking forward to working with him and eventuelly drive him. It’ll be so much fun :3