I’m still alive

As the title reads, yes, I am in fact still alive.
A lot has happend. Since I rented out my house to Lina and her family, we have started the progress to turning it into a horsefarm!

There’s so much to do! We started a facebookpage in case anyone want more regular updates, but I’ll post here aswell from time to time. I’ve just been so busy lately that I pretty much forgot that I had a blog. 😉

Last weekend, we moved the horses there! It’s Fordson, Balk and Clooney. Balk is Lina’s horse and Clooney belongs to my dear friend Linnea. Since Fordson knew them both since before it’s been very easy to put them back together, C and B also get along great. I’m so happy to know that they have eachother.

Just 2 days ago, my friend Emmelie also bought a horse! A warmblooded trotter called Boyen. So now, there’s four horses there that all get along great. It couldn’t get to a better start!


Here’s two pictures that Linnea took.

Boyen (Big Boy Laday)

The three best friends (Balk, Fordson and Clooney)

Moa Kitteh

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