Today we celebrate!

It’s now officially signed and done. I’m renting out my house at Fällträsk to my dear friend Lina, contracts signed for a year to begin with!

We’re gonna build a stable and loose housing there, exactly like we want it! It’ll be SO amazing.

We’ll start our own blog for the farm itself, I’ll link it when it’s set up. There, you’ll be able to see what we’re working on and follow our progress.


Mud everywhere…

The snow finally started melting away, spring is incoming!

The bad part about that is all the mud though… The meadow and the paddock are just pools of watery mud, it’s terrible!

So that means it’s quite a challenge to find activities that is fun for both the horse and yourself. Oh, and it can’t involve more than a slow trot since it’s also slippery as hell.

The solution? Trail! I put up a little trail-course (in Swedish we call it Bruksridning), and we had some fun today.


I know I’m probably biased.. But isn’t be beautiful?

Free access?

In my ideal world, I would want to have free access of hay for Fordson.

Horses are supposed to eat around 18 hours a day, walking great distances looking for food and water. They’re built for that, so if a horse goes for more than four hours without food, their stomach acid can start causing irritation.

Nowadays, the hay is too good. If I gave Fordson free access he would get really, really fat. So sadly, that’s not an option.

At the stables I keep him at they get fed 4 times a day. 6am, 11am, 4pm and 9pm. One of the first things I did when I moved there was to suggest that we bought in straw – something they could eat when they ran out of hay that won’t make them overweight.

Luckily, I have amazing stable friends so we ended up buying 900kg straw that they always have placed out in the meadow in 2 slow-feed nets, plus in the box during the night.

Straw is really great, IF your horse eats it. Not everybody does, I noticed. But it gives them something to do and keeps their stomachs busy.

I strive towards a ”natural-like” way to keep my horse. In the future, my dream is to have a Paddock Paradise* with at least 2 outdoor shelters that has soft bedding so they horses can lay down there at any time.

It would have free access of hay in slow-feed nets, and the hay would be given 5-6 times a day. Preferably it would have forest in the meadow that provides natural shelter and a lot to do for the horses as well.

Maybe one day. Maybe soon.