Preparing for a clinic

But not just any clinic…

Two times a year, me and a handful of geeky friends arrange a clinic with Monika Sanders. Her own words: ”I am a licensed Bent Branderup® trainer in the Academic Art of Riding and passionate guide of the Spirit and Mind connection between horse and human.”

She’s my biggest inspiration when it comes to riding and horse communication. If you ever get the chance to see her in action – take it. For me and many others, it was a life changing experience to start riding for her.

The first clinic this year is happening next weekend, so this week I’m gonna bake 4-5 different cakes and prepare a sandwich grill so people won’t go hungry. We do serve lunch as well but that’s not my responsibility.

I look forward to it so much! I’m nervous since it’s always a lot of things that could go wrong though. Loading, driving, remembering everything, making sure Fordson doesn’t break out of his box/meadow etc etc. Fordson is the kind of horse who can’t be left alone in the meadow, he’ll break through and come running after his friends. Luckily Lina and Balk will be there! Since Fordson and Balk loves each other (check the post below this), we’ll just keep them together in a meadow so they wont have to be alone. The only annoying part will be when Lina is gonna have lessons with Balk, then I gotta bring Fordson into the arena too just so he won’t be left behind.

Fordson is gonna have to stand still and wait for 30 minutes, 3 times that weekend.

Fordson is not the kind of horse that likes to just stand around and wait. He finds his own things to do.

This will be interesting… At least the audience will have a few laughs.

Here are some pictures from the last clinic, August 2015. Maybe I managed to capture a little of the magical feelings we always have!

11856336_983715671651035_8629838801430727926_o 11866426_983716704984265_7463179609538280672_n 11884043_983716548317614_4934493552635899341_o 11889413_983714974984438_217400194648011127_n 11927484_983716188317650_6392451397804976189_o 11950433_983714434984492_4512186114179293237_o 11951628_983715981651004_4890486385002738180_o



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