Black Desert Online

Yesterday I started playing a new game. It’s a new MMORPG called (like the title already gave away) Black Desert Online. I spent a few hours into the game but I barely scratched the surface of the mechanics.

I used to play Ragnarok Online and Guild Wars 2 plus a few other MMORPG for short periods of time, so the playstyle is not new to me.

BUT, this game… Holy crap, it has so many features that I never came across before! Yesterday I had such a headache trying to process all the information and understand the aspects of the game. Just gaining friendship with the NPC’s are a whole minigame by itself, so you can unlock quests and knowledge from them that’ll help you on your way.

One of things I really enjoy about the game is that there’s no fast-travel system. The best way to travel is with your horse! Since this game is so complex, there’s 3 different tiers of horses and the only one you can buy for silver at a store is the slow tier 1 kind of horse. They can level up the more you use them so they gain more speed and stamina, but they’ll never come close to the other tiers. To get a higher tier horse, you have to tame them yourself! I can’t wait to do that, sadly I’m still too low level.

Another thing that I personly love about this game is the character customization. It’s insane. Seriously. Google Black Desert Online character customization, you’ll see for yourself. People made lookalikes of celebrities that almost looks identical! I spent at least 45 minutes making my character and I could easily have spent longer if I wasn’t so eager to start playing.

I’ll probably go more into depth into different aspects of the game later on, when I have more knowledge myself. Like I said before, I barely scratched the surface so far.

Here’s me on my tier 1 horse. My character is small, it’s not just the horse being huge.

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