My kittehs

So I wanna introduce my other pets, aside from Fordson.

I have three Devon Rexes. Roi, Siv and Merlin.

I had Roi and Siv since they were both 12 weeks old. Siv is about 6 months younger than Roi. They’re 7 years old now. It started with just Roi but he got so attached to me that he would sit and meow at the door for hours each time I left home. So, we decided to get another cat to keep him company. That cat was Siv. Siv is so different from Roi. She keeps to herself a lot and is a bit sceptical of people in general. She likes cuddles but only from a few paw-picked people. Everything is on her terms.

Roi is much more outgoing. He follows everyone around and wants to see what’s going on. He loves going out for walks on a leash and is just a really active cat in general. He’s still super attached to me, though, and often sits in front of the window and awaits my return, while I’m away.

About a year and a half ago, we got Merlin. He’s actually Siv’s Dad and my old classmate had him. Sadly she couldn’t keep him. So, I adopted him. Siv still doesn’t quite like him but, now-a-days, he can sleep next to her every now and then without her hissing. It’s progress.

Merlin is the most cuddly and loving cat you could think of. He could cuddle 24/7 if you let him. He tries to cuddle the other cats a lot, too, but the most success he gets is with Jordan and I. He’s also the cat that will cuddle-rape every guest that comes into our apartment. He just loves everyone!

I’ll probably mention and talk about these three amazing cats in my posts in the future. So, I wanted to make a proper introduction.


Roi (S*Darklin Reach Lord Triforce)


Siv (S*Darklin Reach Lady Sphinx)


Merlin (S*Curlicue’s Xmas Wonder)

Photos by Amanda Olsson

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