Loading practice

Fordson and I have had to load a few times since I bought him. We went to clinics, changed stables, etc. It has always been a battle.

Last time, it was worse than ever. We had to move stables because he suddenly thought he was a stallion and started covering the mares, fighting the other geldings and just be really annoying in general. He seriously stood more on two hoofs than four while we were trying to load.

Since we’re going to another clinic in April, I realized we really need to practice. Luckily my friend, Lina, has a trailer and wanted to help me. So today it was loading practice #2!

The first one lasted about 15 minutes and we stopped when he had all four hoofs in the trailer. Today, we loaded him completely 4 to 5 times! He’s still not comfortable staying in it. So we just made him go in, gave him a lot of apple pieces and then made him back out.

Next time, we’ll start to ask him to stay for a moment each time.


Fordson and Lina

Moa Kitteh

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