Bad consciense

I have not seen Fordson since friday. It really wears on me when several days pass and I don’t go to the stables.

I’m so lucky to have two friends that help me with him on the days that I can’t! They take such great care of him so; I’m sure he doesn’t have time to miss me at all. Still, though, I feel bad.

The reason? Work. I work really intense for a few days, then I’m off for a few. That’s how my schedule is. So, since friday I worked 28 hours, got off 20 hours (which I spent grocery shopping, cooking, eating, showering, visiting my parents and finally sleeping) just to go on another 28h-shift. Needless to say, I was pretty tired last night. I slept 11h, wow! So now I’m well rested and I’m off work until friday afternoon. These following days will mainly be spent at the stables and at home playing games with Jordan. I look forward to it!

In general I love working like this. It gives me 3-4 days off every week that I can spend at the stables during the daylight hours even when it’s winter. (Here in North Sweden we barely have any daylight in November to February, so.. Yeah.)

It’s just hard when there are so many days in a row where I can’t recharge my batteries.


I know I’m biased but, isn’t he pretty?

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