Fordson and Clooney

Fordson is a VERY social horse. He’ll come running when he sees someone walk up to the meadow just to get some cuddles.

He’s also really social with other horses. He loves standing there and wants to trade scratches for hours, with a few breaks for playing and goofing around.

One of the horses that he really enjoys being around is Clooney, Linneas Irish Cob. We used to share stables and meadow, so they spent 24/7 together for a few months last winter/spring. Sadly we’re separated right now, I’ll go into details about why that is in another post. But we plan to put them back together in the future, and I am sure they’ll be happy to see eachother!

Do you guys have any stories of horses that used to know eachother and then got reunited? It’d be fun to hear.


Arent they cute together?

Moa Kitteh

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