Pretty much as nerdy as it gets

So, I did something really nerdy the other night. I met up with a bunch of fellow north swedish draft lovers including some of the biggest breeders here in the northen part of Sweden. We did something I could directly translate to ”studbook reserach”. We gathered all the studbooks for the breed north swedish draft back to the 60’s, and did research on our own horses. It was so much fun! I got to see pictures, discover details and of course hear personal stories from the pro’s around the table. I spent between 2 and 3 hours just mezmerized in Fordsons bloodline.

I discovered that he only has swedish horses in his pedigree since at least 6 generations back – and that is really unusual. Most North Swedish Drafts has been mixed with the norweigan Dole horse.

I also noticed that his great grandfather on his dads side is a half sibling to his great grandmother on the same side. They shared the same mother! One of the experts said that it was probably a mistake, since they were at the same barn and all. Funny enough that inbreed-mistake turned out to be a great stalion that left many amazing horses after him, so thats quite a funny story.

Other then that we shared a lot of stories, laughters and munched down a few slices of cake. A great evening in other words!


Moa Kitteh

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One thought on “Pretty much as nerdy as it gets

  1. Men åh så intressant!
    Önskar jag visste lite mer om min häst, men känns svårt när hon är så gammal och båda föräldrarna står som okända i passet, likaså uppfödare..


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