So, gaming?


Like you might have been able to figure out already, I’m a gamer. I would not call me a hardcore gamer, more a casual one. But even so, I do enjoy playing a lot and it’s a great way to spend time together with my boyfriend and other friends.

When I got hooked into the gamingworld was probably around 2005 when I started playing a MMO called Ragnarok Online. I played that game SO much, on several servers through the years. I used to go by the IGN Mois, and I actually got pretty well known within the RO-community. Great times! It’s through RO that I taught myself english since I wanted to be able to communicate with everyone. I met a lot of amazing people in that game and I visited a few of them around europe after I turned 18.
Also, it was when me and Jordan were playing together on a private server called UV-RO that we realized we liked eachother. Since then we’ve been together, that was in the summer of 2011. (He’s been living here permanently for almost 3 years now, yay!)

Anyway, so before I bought a horse I obviously had more time for playing. Now my time and attention are split between the best things in my life – horses and gaming.

Just a few days ago I bought my own Xbox one. We had one since before, but I’d be sad that I couldn’t play a lot of games together with Jordan on splitscreen, like Destiny. So, we decided that I should get my own one! So, after I got paid we went out and bought me my very own console. Since then I spent some hours here and there leveling up my Destiny guardian and at this point of time I’m level 22. (40 is max)

Yesterday, I tried the crucible for the first time. For all you non-Destiny players, that’s pvp. It was great. Jordan recorded the whole thing so I’ll probably post the video once he uploads it to his youtube, I did get some great kills!

Moa Kitteh

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One thought on “So, gaming?

  1. Svar: Tyvärr inte, du är den första jag vet som börjat blogga här också haha! Får hoppas de slänger upp vilka de utvalda bloggarna blev här snart 🙂


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