Nervous times..

So, I have Fordson in a small stable not very far from where i live (like 6-7 minutes drive). We have 4 boxes and all horses go together in a meadow, so they can play around a lot during the days.

Anyway, since I moved there in September we have only been 3 horses, since the 4th horse had been a stallion his entire life and wasn’t used to be around other horses. He got so excited and nervous that he kind of got agressive, and ended up almost breaking the leg of Kalle, one of the other horses. So.. He had to move

This weekend, we finally got a 4th horse! It’s a pretty pinto that seems really gentle and friendly. Right now we split the meadow into 2 so he has his own part, but in a few days we’ll let them all into the same. It’ll be interesting. And scary. Mainly scary! Fordson is so dominant that it’s always a bit scary to introduce him to new horses.


IMG_4606Nom nom~

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